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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  August 23, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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ashley: very good. you have been tremendous. all sorts of information. we appreciate it. we're heading to the closing bell. [closing bell rings] dow off 80 points. we'll turn it over to david asman and melissa francis for "after the bell." melissa: political turmoil hitting stocks. the dow sliding after president trump warns of a possible government shut down. all major averages are ending lower for the day. i'm melissa francis. david: hi, everybody, i'm dave asman. this is "after the bell." thanks for joining us. more on the big market movers but first here is what else we're covering for you in a very busy hour. one home and one great flag, president trump calling for unity this afternoon, speaking to the american legion in reno, nevada. details for the president's new message for americans coming up. the white house's timeline for tax reform it is getting clearer and clearer. a top republican senator is predicting a deal by the end of
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the year, just in time for christmas but lawmakers will be cutting that deadline very close. vice president mike pence is in south florida this hour. he is focusing on that ongoing crisis and assault on democracy in venezuela. coming up byron york, from the "washington examiner," fox news media analyst, howard kurtz, and jordan sekulow from the american center of law and justice. melissa: back to the markets. the dow fizzling after the best day in four months as investors are growing concerned over the president's economic agenda. nicole petallides is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. and, nicole, what everyone is talking about? >> big picture here, they see the back and forth action. they want to get back to the agenda, big picture. but we have a day where you have a mixed bag. for example you're seeing the dow industrials down about 88 points. you're seeing telecom and energy doing well but a lot of sectors are to the downside.
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look at some of the winners and losers here. united technologies and ibm lead the way while disney and johnson & johnson down both 1%. gaspo, our own charlie gasparino, reporting a rumor, disney might buy twitter. twitter is up 2%. there is concerns about housing. lowe's came under pressure. house sales are to the downside. only a couple days ago we talked about a possible spin-off or deal on jeep. now we're hearing about the maserati group, that that could be spun off. alfa romeo as well. watch for that. stocks are up 7%. it is really done great. on other hand turn the arrow around, la-z-boy, what is going on? is everybody in their chairs or not. down 20%. big move to the downside. their numbers completely missed quarterly estimates. i will say now for the month of august, major averages all to the downside. we haven't had a down month for the dow since march.
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back to you. melissa: nicole, thank you. david: renewed concerns over a pro-growth agenda. stocks falling after president trump threatens a government shut down if congress doesn't fund the border wall. let's bring in the panel. lenore hawkins, and we have a "washington times" columnist and with the national coalition for trump. it doesn't have to take political sides. it only looks to the future, whether prospects are better for making money. today it sees those prospects as poor. do you? >> yes. i think what we've seen and markets hate instability. what we saw in about a week, was we went from we had the president of the united states and the leader of north korea exchanging threatening barbs over threatening nuclear war. we went from that to having a very large numbers business
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leaders of major corporations feeling being associated with the president was so risky, they forced the president to disband councils which they served. all of that the market didn't expect a few weeks prior. that makes everyone a little bit nervous. david: it made people nervous, but madison, what is interesting, there is more concern right now than there was last week over thermonuclear war! what the market really cares about, let's face it, are tax cuts. anything that endangers those tax cuts, why i'm wondering about mitch mcconnell. he failed with health care. he did succeed getting a supreme court justice through. but if he fails on tax cuts, he is toast, no? >> oh, absolutely but i think this is one thing we're going to hopefully see congressional republicans come together in support of the president of the united states. i have spoken out many times against them the way they based since january 20th, not supporting this president who was elected to put forward this agenda to support the american people and provide them with improvements in many of the
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areas they have experienced need and not served by their congressman. very important stage we're at right now. so many in the media, as well as the political adversaries of president would like for people to believe, that you know the white house is in chaos, we're not going to get anything done but when it comes to tax cuts, this has to be done across the board. it is not a democrat or republican issue. melissa: speaking of that, pushing forward on tax reform, president trump taking aim at lawmakers standing in the way of his agenda but he is still promising americans that tax cuts will happen. >> we're giving you the biggest tax cut in the history of our country. the democrats are going to find a way to obstruct. it is time to pass a tax cut for the middle class families. we will make america the best place in the world to hire, grow, and start a business again. melissa: lenore, what stuck out
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to me when steve mnuchin was forced to defend himself to yale classmates standing by president trump, he said look, this is historic opportunity to simplify regulation, reform the tax code and generate millions of jobs, to increase global growth, growth here at home. this is what this administration is all about, no matter what rhetoric is going on. it does seem like the people in their slots are trying to get the work done. will they be able to do it? >> i think it will be really challenging and you could really not be more right. this is a historic moment. we have such a great opportunity to address tax reform in a material way. melissa: yeah. >> to cut regulation strangling this economy but to do that we need tax reform generated by the gop and backed by the president. the problem is the president right now, whether you love him or hate him, he has really low approval ratings and there is awful lot of adversaries to get him to screw up again. melissa: yeah.
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>> this tax reform will have his name on it. what democrats are going to want to at this point, be incentivized to step across the aisle to work with him? as much as we want to see him happen, god, that is going to be tough. melissa: definitely on the democrat side. madison, steve mnuchin and his team have been working on it for a while. they got all the work done. they were counting on him to sell it. unclear that will happen. can they reach out to congress? if you look at republicans in both senate and congress so much want to see tax reform done can they all get together and get it done despite what they feel the president is doing yesterday, today, tomorrow, whenever? >> you're right they should come together to get it done. this is not something they should have to be incentivized to do. it will benefit families from the midwest. i'm from the state of ohio. i go there often. i talk to families who feel the
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tax code is way too difficult. they have to figure out until april 15th whether their kids can participate in school sports because it is that complicated. they need to be fairer for all and get it done for people that need it the most. melissa: yeah. david: sued for criminal activity. the developer behind the dakota access pipeline is suing greenpeace and several other groups for their role delaying the pipeline construction accusing of them of ecoterrorism. rico lawsuits are very hard to prove but do the companies have a point? >> i think they have a very valid point when we look at rico specifically. a lot of critique after the lawsuit, rico was put in place to prosecute mafias, things like that but the point they're making in the 187 page lawsuit, a lost tactics used by greens peace and other organizations colluded with similar to tactics in the past to organizations prosecute under rico act.
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this will be interesting to move forward with the examples. violent acts and destruction of private property. david: lenore, i go after bigger fish. i go after al gore, if i was a coal company, damage he cost, billions and billions of dollars, thousands of jobs, his rhetoric most of which has turned out to be dead wrong, most of his predictions led to disaster for coal. >> i think what we're really seeing here is manifest station started with we have to pass it before we find out what is it in. truth doesn't matter. all that matters if you think you're right. david: good point. >> if you think you're right, the means justifies end, because you have angelic ends, lie steal and cheat because the ends matter. david: lenore, you make a great point. melissa: oil up more than 1% after u.s. crude inventories fell three million barrels last week. for the month oil is still down
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more than three half%. david: a long chain of broken american heroes. president trump speaking before the american legion this afternoon. how the commander-in-chief is promising to help our nation's veterans. melissa: plus the grand old divide. growing concern that a possible rift between the president and senate majority leader will further delay the trump agenda on capitol hill. we have byron york coming up next, from the "washington examiner" to weigh in. david: new fall out from the chance meeting between former president bill:tin, chance meeting, yeah, right, and former attorney general loretta lynch. coming up, jordan sekulow, american center for law and justice, his group calling for investigation into possible collusion between the fbi and the justice department. ♪ yes. so let me ask you this... how does diabetes affect your heart?
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david: president trump is heading back to washington, d.c., after holding a speech in reno, nevada, just earlier this afternoon. this coming as we're now hearing reports that president and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell haven't spoken in weeks. a lot of tension there. blake burman is live from the white house. break it all down for us. bottom line, blake, they don't get along too well. >> reporter: i don't think these two will go out for a steak dinner anytime soon and head to the movies afterwards. mitch mcconnell trying to shoot down the report in the "new york times" that the relationship between himself and president trump has soured to the point where the two haven't talked in weeks. mcconnell put out a statement where the two have regular contact. that is how he put it. that they focus on shared goals, tax reform, debt ceiling, government spending bill, et cetera, down the line. here is how mitch mcconnell end the that statement, he said,
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and i quote, we have a lot of work ahead of us and we're committed to advancing our shared agenda together. anyone who says otherwise is clearly not part of the conversation, end quote. when i asked a spokesperson for mcconnell how they would characterize the relationship between the senate and senate majority leader, i was pointed back to the fact they have shared goals together. david, as i said, you can read into that as you wish. as for president trump he was in reno, nevada, a little while ago. he is headed back to washington, d.c. spoke to the american legion national convention and there was a little bit of a difference between today and last night. last night he had the campaign-style rally in phoenix, arizona, which he was defensive and defiant about his comments and how they were perceived in charlottesville. today he struck a different tone. >> today it is time to heal the wound that divide us and to seek a new unity based on common values that unite us. we are one people with one home,
4:16 pm
and one great flag. we are not defined by the color of our skin. the figure on our paycheck, or the party of our politics. we are defined by our shared humanity. >> reporter: david, in this speech the president did not bring up his remarks last night he suggested he would be fine with a government shutdown should there not be funding for his border wall. paul ryan was asked about this today. he walked away from any suggestion there would be a shut down. david? david: kind of a let down from last night. that was a wham bang speech. blake, thank you. melissa. melissa: here is byron york. he is "washington examiner" chief political correspondent, fox news contributor. so, byron, this is a business channel. i want to focus right in on steve mnuchin, and what he said about, this is a historic opportunity when it comes to regulation, when it comes to reforming the tax code, when it
4:17 pm
comes to trying to unleash the economy and create some real jobs. i'm getting worried about those things getting done. when you read about the rift with mitch mcconnell, what do you think is going to happen here and, i mean it is in everyone's best interests to get this done, even if they're just thinking about their own skin and getting reelected. what happens now, byron? >> which is why i think they will do something on taxes but it may not be exactly what you think they will do on taxes. we know they have a lot of stuff, congress has a lot of stuff to do when they get back, not a lot of time to do it. spending bills, raising the debt ceiling and doing something on taxes. you have some outside critics like newt gingrich who has experience in this telling the white house and some of the republicans on capitol hill, quit swinging for the fences. quit thinking about doing this big, 1986-style, across the board tax reform. just cut taxes.
4:18 pm
pass a bill to cut taxes and you can go to the american people and say, we cut your taxes. so, it is going to be interesting to see how long they stick with this idea they can do something really big and comprehensive and when they actually pare down their goals at some point. melissa: what do you think is actually going on today? is mnuchin's crew out there? are they talking to senators? are they talking to congresspeople? are they trying to sell what is going on? what are the mechanics underway right now as we watch the president off of this speech where you know, to my mind, he had the chance to be out beating the drum for tax cuts. he hasn't been doing that i know we heard from folks over at treasury. they wish he had been out doing that, kind of rallying people to be crying out for this reform but he hasn't been doing that. behind the scenes are people talking about, we're going to get back to work to get it all done or are they all still sort of enjoying this summertime
4:19 pm
lemonade, we'll worry about later? >> no. there is actual business-like process going on. we've actually heard pretty good reports about dealings of administration officials and congressional officials who are involved with this. so there is an actual process going on. clearly a lot of the president's supporterses, certainly his staff wanted him to stay more on message last night in phoenix. this was a very characteristic trump speech in phoenix. i have seen a lot of them. 77 minutes long. it was a classic trump sandwich. he starts out on prompter, on message. then after a while he just gets off, he goes all sorts of places. in this case he relitigated charlottesville, talked about the press. in the end he remembers he has to talk about jobs some. he gets back on the script. very, very classic trump performance. while that is getting all the attention, there is an actual,
4:20 pm
rational business-like process going on behind the scenes about taxes. >> real quick, before we go, tell me about the base motivation of everyone working in washington right now? so when you see this spat going on with mitch mcconnell in public, does he enlist the senate to help? do people get sort of irritated? or do they know that you know, their lives, their livelihood, their jobs depend on getting this done no matter what they think of the person, the president now? >> i think it is clearly the latter. clearly the president doesn't have to run for re-election next year. mitch mcconnell, senate outlook looks good for republicans. he has republicans that are up. everybody in the house are up next year. republicans don't want to go back to districts and their states say we didn't get anything done. so i think they desperately want some sort of legislative achievement they can point to. because when the president talks about what he has done in his
4:21 pm
first seven months, most of that is stuff he did on his executive authority. these lawmakers up for re-election want to say that they have done something. melissa: yeah. i just, i just hope they don't torpedo taxes and that kind of stuff because they're frustrated, they want his presidency to be a failure. that would be just like mutually self-assured destruction, you know what i'm trying to say. you know what i mean, byron? they all go together. >> yeah. melissa: thank you. appreciate your time. you're so great. thank you. david: you said it exactly right. acronym of that is mad, it is mad what is happening inside of the beltway. melissa: yes. there you go. david: meanwhile espn is under fire. the sports network attempting to be politically correct about charlottesville, but the move causing a big controversy. howard kurtz is weighing in on that after the break. plus the vice president is taking the stage any moment in florida to talk about the violence in venezuela. we'll bring headlines to you on that, coming straight up. ♪
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melissa: breaking news right now. terror threat canceling a concert in the netherland. the mayor of rotterdam telling the associated press that a spanish van containing gas bottles has been stopped near the venue of the now-canceled concert. police have detained the driver of the van after receiving a terror warning. we're going to keep you updated on any developments as we get them. david: better safe than sorry on that one. meanwhile a shocking decision by espn to pull an asian-american announcing covering uva's opening football game because the announcer's name is robert lee. has america, has political correctness just gone too far in america? fox news "mediabuzz" host howard kurtz joining to us talk about this. did you think this was a real story when you first heard it, howard? >> no.
4:26 pm
i thought it was an internet hoax. how could this possibly be true, that espn would pull from the university of virginia football game announcer, roughly 30-year-old, asian-american, robert lee because of his name, thinking what, some virginia football fans might confuse him or offended because the he shared the same name as robert e. lee who has been dead 150 years? this is not political correctness but political idiocy david: espn, said they only wanted to save robert lee, the television announcer any pain from emails, et cetera. they are trying to make the best of it but you just can't. >> what kind of pain? the whole thing is ridiculous. who in the world, one guy is a confederate general, the other one is an espn announcer. nobody in the world would have said anything. maybe a couple yahoos on twitter, who knows. espn trying to make the best of it, but such an overreaction to the situation in charlottesville
4:27 pm
to be laughable and espn is getting kicked around. this is poetic justice, kicked around like an old football everybody making fun of the sports network. david: howard, stuff like this gives president trump, makes him feel as though he has the license to say things like he said last night about the media. let's play a sound bite from that, get your reaction. play the tape. >> i mean truly dishonest people in the media and the fake media, they make up stories. they have no sources in many cases. they say a source says, there is no such thing. but they don't report the facts. david: now, of course most of the media when president trump says stuff like that will say it is wrong because their jobs are on the line but american people, look what espn does, gee, maybe the president is on to something? >> i was waiting for the president to go at espn. look, some of the over the top reaction to the 30-minute scorching indictment of the
4:28 pm
media in phoenix was itself over the top. people saying things like he must be mentally ill, reinforces the president's point. i have to say two quick things of the president was just wrong, some of the things he said in relation to charlottesville had not been reported. may have been distorted or not reported way he likes. but it was reported. secondly, it was a missed opportunity, david, he had given a pretty well-received speech on afghanistan, 24 hours earlier. this changed subject and had him relitigating -- david: i disagree on the first point, the whole subject of left-wing violence role played what happened in charlottesville has been underplayed, sometimes completely eliminated in media coverage what happened. by the way, "the atlantic monthly," had a big article, would be front-page piece, rise of violent left in september. you can't find it on the website. they buried it after charlottesville. there was a whole attempt by the media to bury any reference to left-wing violence, president
4:29 pm
said basically you should look at that. >> there is plenty to criticize in the coverage when the president specifically says i says this, racism is evil, wasn't reported. it was not reported. it was reported obviously in a lot of spin not the way the president would refer. he is entitled to punch back. it was missed opportunity to continue the afghan storyline. david: it was a missed opportunity. howie, we appreciate you. glad we didn't miss you. appreciate it. catch howie every sunday on "mediabuzz," 11:00 a.m. eastern on our sister network, fox news channel. melissa: how she lost the white house. hillary clinton detailing the, 2016 election in her memoir "what happened"! audio excerpts first heard on msnbc clinton talks about how she feels, like she failed her supporters. >> every day that i was a candidate for president i knew that millions of people were counting on me and i couldn't bear the idea of letting them down. but i did.
4:30 pm
i couldn't get the job done, and i will have to live with that for the rest of my life. melissa: clinton went on to say that her skin crawled as donald trump stood behind her during the second presidential debate. it is really long book. david: oh. melissa: we have to wonder about the, i mean, so they have more money than god now. david: right. melissa: they don't need money. david: right. melissa: i don't know why you write that book. maybe you want to be on the record? david: particularly since some of what she said in the clip she just played is in direct contradiction to what she said in public venues since the election where she put all the blame on everybody except herself. she was saying the democratic party because they had terrible internet record. they had terrible problems with all kind of -- melissa: probably in there too. david: it was all their fault. melissa: it's a long book. probably in there too. who buys the book. if you love her, that would be
4:31 pm
torture because you don't want to relive it. if you don't like her -- david: good luck, hillary clinton. deadly mishaps in the u.s. navy. the highest ranking officer facing displain after the latest collision at sea. melissa: details on the rogue regime's latest threat to the united states. we'll talk to chris harmer, institute for study of war, senior naval analyst. that is next. ♪
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david: breaking news. we've all been watching this one. the federal trade commission deciding not to further pursue an investigation of amazon's acquisition of whole foods. earlier today whole foods shareholders voted and in approval of the merger. looks like it will go through. melissa. melissa: new concern about north korea's nuclear weapons program. the rogue regime, state media releasing photos appear to show designs of one or two new missiles. joining us is chris harmer, from the institute of the study of war. on one hand i've seen pictures of kim jong-un having climbed whatever mount kilimanjaro and wearing dress shoes and a suit. clearly photo shopped. on other hand they are trying to brag they have something new the world doesn't know about. what do you think? >> kim jong-un is a clown. unfortunately he is a clown with a bunch of ballistic missiles and valid nuclear weapons program.
4:36 pm
he is not a guy we can dismiss out of hand. we can mock him and should mock him but he has level of capability with baistic missile program. he is shifting from liquid fuel rocket motors, to solid rocket fuel motors. with liquid rock bet fuel, we have head's up when they launch. rocket fuel, two minutes launch cycle, we have no heads up. it is a big issue if they have actually done this. melissa: that is certainly what the drawings show. we'll see if that reality, i guess. we don't have a lot of visibility what is going on there. i do want to ask but the u.s. navy dismissing the commander of the seventh fleet in the wake of that terrible collision involving the uss john mccain. there are some accidents. the loss of life is so tragic. it seems very alarming. what are your thoughts on this? >> it is deeply, deeply alarming.
4:37 pm
look the basic responsibility of any military unit to be able to a, move from home port, whatever type of military unit, move to forward edge of battle area and b, fight once you get there. the navy is not able to move successfully around the world without running into container ships or avoiding tankers. that is very bad look. fundamentally there are a lot of things wrong t was not thissed a myrl ral's fault. it is his responsibility because they are under his command. relieving people in charge is how the navy reacts. i hope we go further, recognize the navy is spread mile wide and an inch deep. we have too many missions for amount of ships. not spending enough time on training and maintenance. we're spending too much time on operating. that is the trend since 9/11. at some point we have to recapitalize the fleet or comedy of errors will continue. melissa: not comedy, people are dying but i know exactly what you mean. if you try to put the stories
4:38 pm
together, you think we're supposed to be potentially defending ourselves against north korea and also presenting a front we can do something about it and then you look at all the other hot spots all around the world we're being pressed you have these things going on with the navy. doesn't it, does it weaken our hand? >> absolutely. look, you can't, can't have high-profile failures say, ignore that, that is not reality. reality is what happened. what happened is we've had two multibillion-dollar guided missile destroys have collisions with civilian container ships within a short period of time. that should never happen. it certainly should not happen twice in three months. the navy has a real problem with the pr look. we have to address it head on. melissa: chris harmer, thanks for coming on. we appreciate your honesty an insight. >> thank you. david: he is a good man. protests erupting outside of the phoenix convention center, moments after president trump's speech last night. the demonstrations were largely
4:39 pm
peaceful until those antifa activists came in and threw rocks and water bottles at police. that is when gas and smoke began to fill the air. jeff flock was in middle of it take a look. >> apparently -- >> are they saying there is tear gas? >> reporter: no, appears to be fire to me. let's look. we see this. i don't know what that is. i don't know why there would be tear gas. everything was very calm. no one was setting -- [bleep]. canisters of gas. they're throwing it at cops now. >> i see it in your video. >> reporter: holy [bleep] somebody set off fireworks. we talked earlier about people who came to these -- came to this with an agenda. holy crow. i see the, maybe you can see over there. [bleep] >> careful, jeff. back off. >> reporter: we're okay. >> you be very careful. >> reporter: there is something about to go off.
4:40 pm
i'll be careful. there is something about to go off. [explosion] >> oh dear. >> reporter: appears, appears to be fireworks of some sort folks have brought. [bleep] you can hear somebody say, stop throwing stuff. david: there were no immediate reports of injuries. police say four people arrested during the protest. some people run away from things like that. our own jeff flock runs right where the action is. he does. melissa: amazing perspective, when they talk about what goes on outside of these events, i mean, wow. david: yeah. that is the left-wing activism you don't hear a lot about in the mainstream media but we cover it right here. melissa: all right. dining without distraction. restaurants have a new incentive for patrons to keep that phone at home. david: i want to hear about that. plus the second largest jackpot in u.s. history. what you need to know before the powerball doctoring -- drawing.
4:41 pm
that's coming up. ♪ this is an opportunity to right that wrong. the idea was to bring capital into the affordable housing space in south africa, with a fund that offers families of modest income safe and good accommodation. citi® got involved very early on, and showed an enormous commitment. and that gave other investors confidence. citi's really unique, because they bring deep understanding of what's happening in africa. i really believe we only live once, and so you need to take an idea that you have and go for it. you have the opportunity to say, "i've been part of the creation of over 27,000 units of housing," and to replicate this across the entire african continent.
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david: vice president mike pence is in doral, florida. he is about to speak about venezuela. senator marco rubio, as you can see, currently is speaking. this as we're just hearing from a u.s. official a new venezuela sanction package is coming soon. the country has seen protests where 400 opponents of maduro regime have been killed. we're monitoring the events very closely. we'll bring you any headlines coming out of the vice president's speech. melissa: $700 million, what some people are hoping to win as the powerball reaches historic levels. fox business's tracee carrasco is at penn station in new york city with the latest. tracee, how many tickets have you bought? >> reporter: i bought five tickets. i'm really trying to win. but you know, this is a lucky store. about two years ago they sold a $58 billion winning ticket. so my fingers are crossed.
4:45 pm
now this is a $700 million jackpot. no one hit the powerball jackpot since early june. i'm asking people what they would do if they won. sir, what would you do? >> i would help the less fortunate, what i would do if i won. a lot of people need help. i would help the less fortunate. >> reporter: people like that want to give back. that's a great answer. here is you do if you won. you have two choices as far as payment options. i want to show you. you can take a cash payment. that is one lump sum payment of $443 million. or, you could do the annuity option, that is 30 payments over 29 years. that one lump sum payment, that is the most popular option even though a little less money. now as far as taxes, let's get to that. that is not so fun part. you will pay 25% in federal taxes of your winnings. you will also pay state taxes. that will vary depending where you live. and winners, they will pay taxes
4:46 pm
where they play, not where you live. so, you really want to partans to that. as far as lot owe numbers most common winning, lotto, 26, 41, 22, 16, those are the most common winning numbers. you may want to consider that if buying a ticket. melissa: that is so interesting. i wonder why that is. that is so interesting. tracee, thank you very much. >> reporter: i don't know. melissa: very cool. david: switching to south of the border for a moment, again the state department issuing a travel warning for mexico, citing up tick in violence affecting popular tourist destination, cancun in the east and los cabos in the west after advisory about tainted alcohol affecting some tourists. the industry is valued at $120 billion a year. melissa: trouble on the left. won't believe what debbie
4:47 pm
wasserman schultz saying about her former i.t. aide that was recently arrested. the fallout on that next. david: how badly did the fbi and department of justice mess up coverage of the meeting between loretta lynch and bill clinton on the tarmac? jordan sekulow with weighing in on that after the break. of the and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. it's a highly contagious disease that can be really serious... especially for my precious new grandchild. it's whooping cough. every family member, including those around new babies, should talk to their doctor or pharmacist about getting vaccinated.
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melissa: breaking news right now. fox news has learned that everything is in place and the paperwork is ready for at that pardon for former maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio. now the only thing required is for the president to make the final decision on whether or not to go ahead with the pardon. david: looks like he was more than halfway there last night. meanwhile the plot thickens in the scandal over arrested i.t. guy and his family who
4:51 pm
worked for former dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz and dozens of other democrats for years despite some very dubious behavior. but wasserman schultz saying she had no reason to be suspicious. take a listen. >> i kept him on the payroll during the time that he was not arrested and not charged with anything. and that was because as i said, i was concerned about the violation of his due process rights, and also that there were racial and ethnic profiling concerns as well. david: please. please. here now is jordan sekulow, american center for law and justice executive director. now, of course you're innocent until proven guilty, but the evidence i have seen against this guy is pretty overwhelming. he is a u.s. citizen by the way. he was born in pakistan but had ties there. at the time that debbie wasserman schultz kept him on, at the time she was talking about, his wife had already escaped to pakistan, running away from authorities.
4:52 pm
so i mean it was clear that this guy was up to something. >> yeah. there is clear he was being investigated. his wife got stopped. i don't know why they ultimately allowed her to leave with even more money allowed to in cash. david: tell you why, jordan. because they had so many democratic contacts. you look at the list of democratic congress people that had employed them, anytime they were in trouble, anytime, for that matter they need ad loan from the credit union, the congressional credit union, they were given these guys money like it was dandy. >> millions of dollars to these five family members in about 10 years. these are i.t. staffers. one of them was making, one of the earth bros of the accused was making four times the average congressional salary, 160 grand a year. that is not including the loans. and access to information. we have loans plus access to information, including access to the dnc chair during the presidential election, or some of it, access to that
4:53 pm
information. we know it is valuable. we have money going to pakistan. we get russia accused of hacking. this standing right in front of us, front and center. i really believe, david, these charges, these initial charges against the husband and the wife are just the initial, so they can keep him under house arrest, keep him in the united states. i know that there has got to be a terror investigation angle. also that, not hacking, because he had access to it, selling of information -- david: what interests me most, is the stuff with the credit union. because it is the most important credit union in the united states. all members of congress, all their staff, use this credit union, and yet, the way in which according to the indictment that imarm, lying to the credit union, getting home equity loan, only renting on property they got the loan, imram, he is a man, pretended to be his wife in
4:54 pm
order to be his wife to get more money. if you have the right contacts, this is what trump said about washington being a swamp, if you have the right congressional contacts you get anything you want. >> either when you are starting to do suspicious and of course illegal behavior. they know it is illegal. so they felt like confident enough for certain period of time until this investigation, it was clear and the wife fled they were getting away with this for number of years, millions of dollars, taken right from, as you said the federal credit union, congressional, would be do a little bit more research into these kind of loans. it's a little bit nerve-wracking. david: you flash your contacts, you get anything. very quickly, i know this is of great importance, not only to but of the country, trying to get the inspector general of the justice department as you were trying to do to get even more information about that tarmac meeting between clinton and the attorney general. where does that stand now? >> so, david, as you know the
4:55 pm
fbi because of what was uncovered in the doj court ordered foia documents to the aclj, the fbi can'ts in there, they reopened their foia. they informed us of that. we want to gather all the information if they do it in timely manner. we will, if not, like we've done with the senate judiciary committee, we can go, public can go to group like us, to the inspector general at department of justice. he has team of 450 people that can investigate. david: yeah, wow. >> can work with us, do it on their own. he is already currently investigating jim comey's actions involving the direct lit clinton investigation. this would get to, we want to know the answer, how many people knew about this meeting, and how far in advance would they know about the meeting. that would change the whole narrative. david: jordan, thank you for all the work you do. jordan sekulow. melissa. melissa: shutting down the tweeter-in-chief. really?
4:56 pm
valerie plame wilson, former cia spy outed during a leak in the george w. bush administration, is crowd funding to purchase twitter to kick president trump off his twitter platform. the fundraiser say trump's tweets damage the country. as of this afternoon she raised $15,000. david: only has to raise $900 million more. melissa: although, twitter, you know -- david: she is long way from it. meanwhile do you have trouble not checking your phone every two minutes? melissa: yeah. david: well you might have an issue getting a reservation at some restaurants. melissa: i love this story. david: details coming up. ♪ fiber-enabled broadband to more than 65,000 fans. and why a leading car brand counts on us to keep
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their dealer network streamlined and nimble. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink.
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4:59 pm
>> liz: parting ways with your ball and chain it is your not significant other we're talking about it's your smartphone. select restaurants are using financial incentives to get people off their phones during meals.
5:00 pm
>> sushi lounge in hoboken, new jersey is introducing reconnect tuesdays offers a 20% discount to diners who refuse to check their phones. the bros in getsville, new york offers a 10% discount not a bad idea i'm for it. >> liz: i had to do jury duty it was confiscated. it was liberating here is risk & reward. >> it appears more gas has been set off. oh, yeah. are your eyes okay? thanks for holding the camera. oh, good, make sure that you do. >> that helps. >> okay, but i think there may be rubber bullets so we are going to get out of the way. >> very careful. >> you got hit with what? >> apparently laurie just got hit with a rubber bulle


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